Khadi Natural Organic Reetha Powder, 150g

Khadi Natural Organic Reetha Powder, 150g

  • Preventing premature graying hair
  • Promoting hair growth
  • Prevention hair fall naturally
  • Rid of hair skin problems




Khadi Organic Reetha Powder has been specially formulated to help you pamper your hair and keep them protected from the pollution and adverse effects of the modern world. Reetha, also known as Soap Berry has been extensively used since ancient times to wash and cleanse the hair. This Soap Berry Powder has the capability to impart a natural color to hair strands that will cover the premature greys to some extent. Using Reetha Powder to wash your hair will help in removing dirt and excess oil from the hair and scalp. Directions to Use: Wet your hair and scalp, Make a paste of the Khadi Reetha Powder and apply this on to your hair and scalp, Gently massage it on your head, Leave it on your hair for a few minutes, Rinse off all the powder thoroughly.


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