• Figaro Olive Oil
    • Figaro Olive Oil is an excellent all-purpose edible oil loaded with the goodness of pure olives
    • It has multiple health benefits- a rich source of Vitamin E, full of anti-oxidants, maintains the cardio-circulatory system, regulates cholesterol level
    • It is suitable for all types of cooking - sauteing- vegetable Saute; stir fry-vegetable stir fry; shallow frying- bhindi fry, omelet
    • Imported from Spain
    • It is free from Argemone Oil
  • Figaro Olive Oil, 500ml

    • Olive Oil is mild, non-irritant that suits all skin types and is rich in antioxidants, Olive Oil is a multipurpose as it is used for hair, skin, and cooking, Olive Oil is monosaturated, which makes the digestion easy
    • Olive Oil is considered to be heart-friendly, Olive Oil can act as the natural cosmetic, which gives extra glow to the skin just because of non-chemical content, Olive Oil is the best oil for cooking because of monosaturated fatty acids
    • Olive Oil is the best cosmetic because of its nonchemical content, Olive Oil is very healthy and it does not increase cholesterol, Olive Oil is multipurpose oil used for cooking and it is also good for our health, Olive Oil makes the food tasty and delicious
    • Olive Oil is heart friendly and it protects your heart from attacks and it keeps your healthy, Olive Oil keeps you energetic and active, Olive Oil is healthy and therefore it can even be used by the people who have heart problems
    • Other Benefits of olive oil for hair and beauty: 1. Hot oil massaging, 2. Hair pack with olive oil, 3. Body massaging for dry skin, 4. Scrubbing for body, 5. Hand lotion, 6. Eye makeup remove

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