Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash, 50ml

Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash, 50ml

  • Helps to control acne & pimples.
  • A special formulation that contains high-quality tea tree extract along with Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Apple Juices that deep cleanses the skin, removes excess oil from the skin without disturbing the natural balance of the skin.
  • It also helps refresh the skin and give a clear look.
  • Tea Tree reaches deeply into your pores to clean out oil build-up and disinfects your pores from bacteria and dirt.
  • The lemon extract works like an astringent and removes the pore-clogging dead skin cells.
  • Vitamin E acts as a cleansing agent and works to reduce dark spots and acne scars.




This face wash is perfect for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. With the deep cleansing action of tea-tree, mattifying astringent properties of lemon, and clarifying properties of Vitamin E, this face wash clears oil build-up, cleans clogged pores, prevents more oil-production, and keeps the skin looking smooth and soft.


Moisten your face with a splash of water.
Squeeze out a small coin-sized amount of the product on your palm.
Rub your hands together and massage gently on your face and neck.
Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow it up with a refreshing toner and an oil-free moisturizer. Use twice a day for best results.


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