Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush – Cushion

Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush – Cushion

  • Suitable for men and women
  • The cushion is perfect for those with medium to long hair
  • Hairbrush will give your hair that unique shine
  • Nylon bristles




Everyone has that friend who can walk on a beach inspite of the windy evening and just has to carelessly run their fingers through their hair to look picture perfect again. Suitable for men and women, this hair brush will promise you with beautiful and soft curls that sport a healthy bounce. Also, this flat brush will tame your locks in the most unique way. Besides styling your hair, this collection hair brush will give your hair that unique shine. With the presence of the nylon bristles in this hair brush, you can experience that soothing massage on your scalp. Additionally, the round tip bristle in this hair brush will pamper your hair.



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