Jovees Strawberry Face Wash – 120ml

Jovees Strawberry Face Wash – 120ml

  • The antioxidants and Vitamin C present in strawberries nourish the skin by reducing dullness, redness, and early signs of aging.
  • Jojoba reduces the redness caused by dry skin and keeps skin calm and comfortable.
  • Vitamin E returns lost moisture to your skin and prevents further dryness and itchiness.




Perfect for dry and combination skin, this gentle and moisturizing face wash replenishes moisture with the goodness of strawberry extracts, jojoba, and Vitamin E. The fruity fragrance rejuvenates your mood while the face wash formula rejuvenates your skin. The deep moisture also prevents early signs of aging.

Moisten your face with a splash of water.
Squeeze out a small coin-sized amount of the product on your palm.
Rub your hands together and massage gently on your face and neck.
Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow it up with a toner and a moisturizer. Use twice a day for the best results.


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