Jovees Henna & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi – 150g

Jovees Henna & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi – 150g

  • Henna restores the scalp’s pH, strengthens hair follicles, and turns dry, damaged, and unhealthy hair soft, shiny, and manageable.
  • Brahmi calms down stress, clears the mind, prevents hair fall, treats dry and damaged scalp, treats dandruff, soothes itchiness, and prevents the formation of split ends.
  • Neem treats hair loss, curbs dandruff, strengthens hair follicles, and encourages hair growth. Amla also boosts hair growth, serves as a natural hair conditioner, treats dandruff, and cleanses the scalp.





Your hair will love the combined power of henna and Brahmi. They strengthen the hair roots, enhance volume, and deep condition your hair while adding a touch of color. Jovees Henna and Brahmi Herbal Mehandi are enriched with natural proteins along with precious herbs making it an excellent recipe for dull and lifeless hair. The pack is a complete kit and comes with a shower cap and a pair of gloves.


Mix the required quantity of Henna and Brahmi Herbal Mehandi with lukewarm water and make a paste.
Apply over scalp and hair. Leave it on for about an hour.
Rinse thoroughly with plain water. Do not shampoo your hair the day Mehandi is applied.


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