Jovees Grape Seed and Almond Hair Serum – 60ml

Jovees Grape Seed and Almond Hair Serum – 60ml

  • Almond oil helps give the much-needed hydration to your hair that helps them look shiny, and feel soft. The essential fatty acids in almond oil help in not only moisturizing the scalp but also the hair strands themselves, thus leading to healthy hair.
  • Grapeseed oil moisturizes, conditions, and strengthens hair while effectively treating frizz and split ends. It is also helpful in fighting dandruff and reducing scalp inflammation.
  • Olive oil improves the blood circulation to your scalp, makes hair follicles stronger, and helps produce hair strands that are softer, healthier, and thicker.




Even when you can’t detangle life’s problems, you can always detangle your hair. This non-sticky detangling hair serum adds a natural shine and a protective layer to the hair, which protects hair from external factors such as heat, dust, and humidity. Hair stays shiny, nourished, and manageable all day.


After shampooing, apply a coin-sized amount of serum on wet hair.
Detangle hair slowly using fingers or a wide-toothed comb, or style them however you want.
It can also be used on dry hair or reapplied daily to control frizz and dryness.


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