Hocho Vegetable Knife Short

Hocho Vegetable Knife Short

  • Material- -Blade – Steel grade is 420 J2
  • Adequate chromium used which gives it highly corrosion resistant strength
  • Adequate amount of carbon present in the Steel making it hard enough to cut vegetable/ fruits softly
  • Material- – Handle – Food grade PP material (polypropylene material)
  • Will not cause food chemical contamination to the food
  • Non-food grade pp material when comes in contact at high temperature, its particle migrates to food items which people consume and face health hazard while this is not the case with food grade PP material used in KAI Knives
  • Granular texture gives the non-slippery grip while using the knife
  • Curved design fits best in hand and provide a firm grip to the user Performance
  • At least 3 times sharper than any comparable knife available in the market
  • Lab test proven under 1/2 Kg load test in which knife creates 15-16 mm cut in one cycle of to-and-fro movement
  • Long Lasting Sharpness


Kai japan is more than 110 years old global conglomerate who is involved in manufacturing products related to sharpness and stainless steel. The product portfolio ranges from kitchenware to beauty-care wherein brand specialize in manufacturing kitchen knives, kitchen accessories and also have an in-depth presence in grooming products like razors, beauty accessories along with medical devices. In the houseware category, we offer a huge product range from entry level kitchen knives to professional and selective knives. We also manufacture kitchen accessories like mincers, graters, ladles, vegetable/fruit slicers, scissors, and peelers etc.


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