Hocho Premium Petty

  • Impeccable Design: This knife has been designed to perfectly slice through delicate vegetables. The angle of the blade and handle allows the vegetables to be cut from top to tip in one single drawing motion.
  • Super Sharp: The blade of this knife is designed using traditional Japanese style methods. This is combined with modern carbon steel making it rust proof and increasing its edge resistance qualities.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The Knife features a nylon resin handle which is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hands. Its ergonomic design allows you to chop and dice with ease.
  • Accurate Pairing: This knife is well suited to slice vegetables and fruits. It is also capable of paring skins very finely. The pointed tip can remove potato eyes easily.
  • Razor Sharp Blades: The knife features a razor-sharp blade for precision cutting. Its blade is made to give refined slices while cutting. The knife does not remove any nutrients while chopping vegetables or meat.


Kai japan is more than 110 years old global conglomerate who is involved in manufacturing products related to sharpness and stainless steel. The product portfolio ranges from kitchenware to beauty-care wherein brand specialize in manufacturing kitchen knives, kitchen accessories and also have an in-depth presence in grooming products like razors, beauty accessories along with medical devices. In the houseware category, we offer a huge product range from entry-level kitchen knives to professional and selective knives. We also manufacture kitchen accessories like mincers, graters, ladles, vegetable/fruit slicers, scissors, and peelers, etc.


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