Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Matt & Hard – 75g

Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Matt & Hard – 75g

  • Great for all hair lengths, from very short, medium to very long
  • Allows restyling of hair
  • Good at making detailed expression and accentuating the hairstyle
  • Can be used all over the hair or just on points here and there
  • Can give both hard and soft hair a spiky look (by modifying the amount of wax to be used)
  • Hairstyle lasts longer with the use of Gatsby hair spray at the finishing





For trendy young men who want to create hairstyles that suit their personality.Long-lasting effect. It has a re-styling ability. Can create a voluminous Hirajuku style with rich expression.

Provides volume by making hair curly with a strong styling ability. Arrange the desired hairstyle without stiffness and stickiness.


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