Fevicol Marine Waterproof Adhesive – 2Kg

Fevicol Marine Waterproof Adhesive – 2Kg

  • Fevicol Marine is a technologically advanced waterproof adhesive
  • It is an ideal adhesive for marine plywood along with advanced waterproofing properties it has superior coverage also
  • 7 Hours Boiling Waterproof, Â 7 Days Normal Waterproof, Â 4 hrs setting time
  • Better coverage 5kg bonds 7 laminate sheets
  • Spreads easily and saves cost




Fevicol Marine is the best in class waterproof adhesive in the country. Fevicol Marine is powered by Aqua Repel Technology which give it the power of 7 Fevicol Marine offers 7 hours of boiling water resistance and 7 days of normal water resistance Fevicol Marine is fast setting (4 hours) and offer superior coverage, i.e. 5kg adhesive is enough to paste 7 laminates to plywood


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