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  • Gala Black Dish Washing Kitchen Super Scrub

    • Perfect grip, quick and easy to use, leaves vessels sparkling clean
    • Fine designed steel loops for effective cleaning
    • High quality sponge, saves soap
    • Advanced ultra sonic sealing for long lasting product life
    • Color: Black

  • Gala No Dust Floor Broom

    • The Gala NoDust broom does not leave any bhUSA (dust or grass bits that a new grassbroom leaves over the first few days of usage)
    • Gala Nodust broom is washable
    • It lasts 3 times longer than a regular grassbroom
    • The Gala NoDust broom is made of special grasslike fibres with over 5000 touch points which deliver superior cleaning performance
    • Broom Height- 90 cms, Color: Multicolor, Color of the product delivered is subjected to availability