Vaadi Herbals Mint Lip Balm -10 gm

Vaadi Herbals Mint Lip Balm -10 gm

  • An excellent combination of herbal ingredients, this lip balm tempts you with its flavor
  • Quantity: Pack of 5 of 10grams each
  • It grants health and beauty to your lips; while keeping the skin well-protected!
  • Mint reduces excess oil by regulating it wherever most necessary and strengthens the lip tissue making it less prone to breakage, dryness
  • Honey keeps the natural moisture intact while nourishing lips and Vitamin E makes lips more beautiful, soft and well protected.

SKU – VBI120



  • Almond Oil: Makes lips soft, reduces any pigmentation, darkening and makes lips shimmer pink with health.
  • Honey: Makes lips smooth & brighten naturally and also provide essential shield from UV rays, extreme weather conditions
  • Vitamin E: Shields and heals the damage caused on lips by the direct exposure of the harmful UV rays
  • Mint: Renew skin and feeds essential nutrients to the lips making them healthier, pink and have a shine about their own that no gloss can compare with. Any kind of inflammations, be it wasps, bees or mosquitoes, Mint cures in no time.


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