Vaadi Herbals Facial Kit – Lavender And Rosemary Spa Facial Kit 70 Grams

Vaadi Herbals Facial Kit – Lavender And Rosemary Spa Facial Kit 70 Grams

  • KIT INCLUDES: ★ Lavender Rosemary Cleansing Cream ★ Lavender Rosemary Face Scrub ★ Lavender Rosemary Massage Cream ★ Lavender Rosemary Face Pack
  • LAVENDER ROSEMARY CLEANSING CREAM – A luxurious blend of aromatherapy oils of Lavender & Rosemary, this cleanser gently rids the face of excess sebum (oil) and impurities. The Anti-septic & Anti-toxic properties of its ingredients, further helps soothe inflammation and keep acne under control. Directions: Apply on the face & neck & massage gently in circular motion for about 5 minutes. Remove with moist cotton.
  • LAVENDER ROSEMARY FACE SCRUB – This unique scrub with aromatherapy oils, gently but effectively exfoliates the facial skin; by removing the dead skin cells from the surface, to reveal a fresher look. Lavender & Rosemary also penetrate into the skin to remove deep pigmentation marks and blemishes; leaving you with smooth, clear, spotless skin. Directions: Moisten face & neck. Massage scrub gently in circular motion with upward strokes. Wash off & pat dry.
  • LAVENDER ROSEMARY MASSAGE CREAM – Lavender & Rosemary with other aromatherapy oils, prove extremely effective as anti-aging agents. Their astringency firms up the skin, while regenerative property boosts cellular renewal process. You are left with a skin that is vibrant and youthful. Directions: Apply all over the face & neck & massage for 15-20 minutes in circular motion with firm upward & outward strokes. Massage till cream gets completely absorbed into the skin.
  • LAVENDER ROSEMARY FACE PACK – Aromatherapy oils of Lavender & Rosemary together fight wrinkling and sagging of the skin with the anti-oxidant benefits. With additional complexion enhancing properties of Manjistha, your skin is left looking young & radiant! Directions: Apply a thick layer evenly all over face & neck & leave on for about 30 minutes. Rinse off with water.




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