Patanjali Roasted Diet-Flaxseed Black Salt 150 Gm

Patanjali Roasted Diet-Flaxseed Black Salt 150 Gm

  • This product likely contains roasted flaxseeds with the addition of black salt for flavor. It is generally recommended to store such snacks in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.
  • The pack you mentioned is 150 grams, providing a moderate quantity for snacking. This product can be consumed as a healthy snack or added to salads, yogurt, or other dishes for a nutritional boost.
  • The roasted flaxseeds with black salt are usually packed in sealed pouches to maintain freshness. Flaxseeds are considered nutritious and may align with Ayurvedic principles due to their potential Body benefits.
  • Flaxseeds is rich source of vitamins, minerals & high quality protein. Patanjali Roasted diet Flaxseeds black salt has zero percent trans fat & cholesterol.
  • Patanjali Roasted Diet Flaxseed with Black Salt in a 150g pack is a product offered by Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

SKU:- PTBI81163-60



Patanjali Roasted Diet Flaxseed Black Salt is a healthy and nutritious snack made with Flaxseeds that helps in protecting against Breast colon and Prostate cancer, also it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which keeps heart Body. It can be enjoyed anytime as it has zero percent trans fat and zero percent cholesterol.


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