Khadi Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil 210ml

Khadi Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil 210ml

  • Herbal Ayurvedic Hair oil to support healthy & rich hair growth – Infused with Bhringaraj – The King of Hair
  • Bhringaraj – Calming & Cooling for the scalp – Calms the mind and reduces inflammation – stopping these causes of hair loss and pre-mature greying
  • Almond Oil – high levels of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids – Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins E, A, & D
  • Khadi Hair oils are made in a nourishing base of Almond oil enriched with Vitamin E and infused with healing and purifying herbs that protect and fortify the hair, making it rich, vibrant, and full of life
  • Herbal Formulation is safe and effective for all skin and hair types




Enriched with bhringraj, sandal oil, lemon and other rare herbs, Khadi bhringraj hair oil provides deep nourishment to your hair to prevent hair fall and premature greying. This hair strengthening hair oil has a cooling effect and massaging it into the scalp will help ease tension and headaches. It is light and non-greasy and blends easily into the scalp without giving an oily, greasy feeling. The oil is made entirely of herbal ingredients and can be used frequently without worrying about side effects. It deeply conditions hair to prevent brittleness and breaking along the shaft and avoids split ends. Regular use will promote long, lustrous hair with a healthy black shine.


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