Khadi Natural Amla & Brahmi Hair Oil

Khadi Natural Amla & Brahmi Hair Oil

  • Provides essential nourishment to weak and dry hair and scalp.
  • Natural hair darkener amla and hair growth expert brahmi infuse together in an oil that deeply nourishes your hair from the root to the tip.
  • Prevents premature graying and makes your hair shine!
  • Made in India




Amla & Brahmi Hair Oil lubricates and conditions the scalp, helping to minimize flakes and dry scalp. It helps enhance hair quality, strengthen the roots of the hair, nourish the hair shafts, boost new hair growth, and strengthen current hair. Brahmi protects hair follicles, reduces breakage and split ends, and eliminates itching scalp and dandruff making hair stronger, thicker, and fuller.


After applying Khadi Natural Amla & Brahmi Hair Oil massage your scalp and leave it overnight for deep conditioning. Wash it off using Khadi Natural Amla & Bhringraj Hair Cleanser to get maximum benefit.


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