Herbodent Dr. Jaikaran’s Premium Toothpaste, 100g

Herbodent Dr. Jaikaran’s Premium Toothpaste, 100g

  • Herbodent Premium Toothpaste contains 100% active natural herbs.
  • Provides Complete Oral Care naturally.
  • Herbodent Premium full of natural oral hygieners like Cardamum, Cinnamon, Clove etc.
  • Stops dental carries, spongy gum, gum bleeding, pyorrhoea, bad breath.
  • 100% vegetarian toothpaste and contains no artificial flavours, no chalk powder and no gelatin.


Herbodent Premium Toothpaste- A formulation of selected 21 herbs of ancient Ayurveda having anti-bacterial, anti-cavity, anti-pyorrhoea and gum tightening properties. It provides complete dental care. Along natural freshners like Choti Elaichi, Clove & Daalchini etc. Further the toothpaste has great effect on oral health and hygiene.Herbodent Premium is result of years long research work done by Dr Jaikaran. How does HERBODENT PREMIUM Toothpaste work? Chotti llaichi (Elettaria cardamomum): A house old name in India, commonly used as mouth freshener by Indian people as it possess good aroma. Due to its properties, it is tridosha suppressant. Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum): Commonly known as clove, has been old age remedy for toothache. Due to presence of katu and tickt rasa it promotes circulation and is regarded as antibacterial. Saunf (Foenieulum vulgare): A well-known herb. Due to its madhur (sweet) and snigdh (slimy) properties it is helpful in suppressing vata and thereby helpful in suppressing pain. Neem (Azadirachta indica): As it possesses the rasa like tickt and kashaya, it helps in restoring taste in mouth. Ashoka (Saraca asoka): It is helpful in checking bacterial growth. It stops bleeding from gums and suppress any inflammation caused due to any disease. Kulanjan (Alpinia galanga): It scrapes away the plaque formation and bacterial growth and any overgrowth that has occurred. Tejobati (Zanthoxylun armatum): A well-known herb, famous for its antibacterial property and is used in diseases caused by bacterial fermentation. HERBODENT also contains oils of Coriander, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Spearmint, kapursat, ajwain, jyotismati and gandhpura.


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